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meet holly the {mini} monster!

January 21, 2011

meet holly the mini-monster! Is she not the cutest? I love her! Mini monsters are awesome. they are only $15!!! They make great valentines or easter gifts, and they are available in tons of colors! currently, they can be made in the following colors. You can either have an all-one-color monster like the one pictured, or you can have them use up to 3 colors! awesomeness!

  • purple
  • green
  • pink
  • cream
  • blue
  • grey
  • yellow
  • yellow and grey multi
  • pink and green multi

wow! is that not just fabulous? email me at to order one today!



January 2, 2011


fingerings! These rings are handknitted by me and my friend Chloe, and are for sale for $6.00 in our Etsy shop, We love these so much! They are made out of 100% wool yarn, but are not scratchy or itchy at all. Check them out!

{organic} sock

January 2, 2011

i ❤ this sock. Yes, it is alone right now. There is no other. However, there will be. I made this…ahem…sock out of 100% Organic Merino Wool Yarn, which I love. It is warm, cozy, and cute! now, i need to go knit that other sock.

incognito {moustache}

January 2, 2011

Are these not just the most awesome cowls that you have ever seen? They were Christmas presents to my brothers, and they both loved them. So do I. 🙂 They are so silly, and yet so functional at the same time! I made them out of 100% Superwash Wool Yarn. moustaches rule!

aviatrix {baby hat}

December 27, 2010

Wow. This is simply the cutest baby hat EVER! The greatest thing is, it can be made to fit anywhere from a newborn to a six or seven year old. I love it. If that isn’t clear by now. It is called an Aviatrix baby hat, and I love it. Check out the purple elephant button. oh. God Bless!

daphne and delilah {monsters}

December 27, 2010

Introducing Daphne and Delilah, the Momma and Baby Monsters! Are they cute or what? I have also made some in yellow and grey, and I’m getting ready to do green and brown and brown and blue versions. They are made of 100% wool yarn, and are SO soft and cuddly! Enjoy and God Bless!

penelope {monster}

December 27, 2010


Penelope the monster! Is she not the cutest? Photo credits to Lori Gardner, who bought this adorable little monster. Penelope is the second monster in my collection. She is for sale for $25 to raise money for my missions trip to Japan. She is also available in almost any colors! I’m closing for custom orders in a while, but if you contact me I could tell you the next possible time I could make one. Thanks, Merry Christmas, and God Bless!