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dedication {baby booties}

November 18, 2010

wow! I made these booties with 100% angora yarn. For those of you who don’t know, angora is the fur from an angora rabbit. They basically look like big balls of fluff! These booties are so soft, it made me sad when someone bought them! 🙂 Not really. But anyway, I am sure that I will make more of these sometime in the future!


fleece topped baby hat {girl}

November 18, 2010

This has to be my favorite baby hat ever. I love how simple it is, but so cute at the same time!!! This was bought a while ago, but I think that more of these are in order, for sure! I was thinking of doing a version with two differnt tones of blue for a boy. Love this hat so much!

socks and mitts {warm}

November 18, 2010

Aren’t these just the cutest? I made them to fit up to a one year old, but I think they would fit younger babies too. I also made these to go with them:

Now, who could say no to this set? These were both purchased at Girl Time, but I think I will definatly have to make some more! And the yarn was SO soft! Love it!


November 7, 2010

wow! Is this a cutie little elephant or what?!? I made her in a beautiful heathered grey wool yarn that is soft and durable for toys. The lady that bought her requested that I put earings on her (I used little pearl beads) and a pink bow on her tail. Unfourtunately, I don’t have pictures of the modifications that were added later. I do love her though!

finger{less} mitts

November 7, 2010

fingerless mitts! I love these things! I made them in a washable Merino wool yarn that is a BEAUTIFUL color. The wonderful lady that purchased them is a photographer that uses these gloves for taking pictures in the cool fall mornings around here and for editing pictures in the winter when the house is cold. These are just the best!

growing, growing, growing…

August 18, 2010

mission knits’ collection of items is growing bigger every day in preperation for girl time at Life Church in the fall! yes, that’s right! mission knits will have a table displaying knit toys, sweaters, fingerless gloves, hats, headbands, cell phone socks, and so much more! i sure hope to see you there…

i am currently knitting a teddy bear, 2 sweaters, a baby shrug, and fingerless mitts. very exciting!

in other news, i started a knitting group to make baby hats for charity. it will be lots of fun, i can’t wait!

that’s it for now!

little bubbles

July 17, 2010

I have just finished another baby sweater set. This time, it is called the little bubbles baby set. I made a sweater, hat and bootie set. It is so cute!

Cute, huh? This is the sweater.








 Here are the booties.

This is a tremendous little pattern that I followed. This set featured:

  • Organic cotton yarn
  • Beautiful color combos
  • Ties instead of buttons so it will fit baby longer!

Thanks so much for reading, hope you liked it!